Course Content

Course Fee – 15,000/-

About Website, Introduction to WordPress, Setting Up WordPress, WordPress Basics, Themes and Customization, Essential Plugins, Creating Content, Managing WordPress, Troubleshooting Common WordPress Issues, Assignments, Course Project, Placement Assistance.

Course Fee – 35,000/-

About Website, Domain & Hosting, SSL, CDN, Cashing, Introduction to WordPress, Setting Up WordPress, Basic Configuration, User Management, Creating Content, Managing Content, Customizing Themes, Advanced Plugins, Widgets and Sidebars, Advanced Customization, Backup and Migration, Privacy Policy & Terms of services, Website Optimization, Latest Industry Trend & Methodology, Assignments, Final project, CV guidance, Placement Assistance.

Course Fee – 55,000/-

  1. Module 1: Foundation of Digital Marketing
  2. Module 2: Channels of Digital Marketing
  3. Module 3: CMS (WordPress) & Webmaster Tools
  4. Module 4: SEO – On Page & Off Page
  5. Module 5: Social Media Channels, Optimization, and Management
  6. Module 6: Pay Per Click Advertisement and Google My Business
  7. Module 7: E-commerce Marketing and website building
  8. Module 8: Latest Industry Trend & Methodology
  9. Assignments
  10. Final Projects
  11. CV Guidance
  12. Portfolio Guidance
  13. Mock Interviews & Feedbacks
  14. Placement Assistance

Course Fee – 15,000/-

  1. Introduction to Social Media Management
  2. Understanding Social Media Platforms
  3. Creating a Social Media Strategy
  4. Content Creation and Curation
  5. Engagement and Community Management
  6. Social Media Analytics and Reporting
  7. Social Media Advertising
  8. Influencer Marketing
  9. Legal and Ethical Considerations
  10. Trends and Future of Social Media
  11. Tools and Resources
  12. Case Studies and Best Practices
  13. Developing a Social Media Policy
  14. Personal Branding and Professional Development
  15. Assignment
  16. Final Projects
  17. CV Guidance
  18. Portfolio Guidance
  19. Mock Interviews & Feedbacks
  20. Placement Assistance

Course Fee – 10,000/-

1. Introduction to Canva
2. Design Basics
3. Creating and Managing Projects
4. Using Canva Tools and Features
5. Advanced Design Techniques
6. Branding and Consistency
7. Exporting and Sharing Designs
8. Practical Projects and Exercises
9. Tips and Best Practices
10.Q&A and Support

Other Useful Courses

Course Fee – 12,000/-

1. Introduction to Computers
2. Computer Hardware
3. Software Fundamentals
4. File Management
5. Basic Computer Skills
6. Internet Basics
7. Email Communication
8. Word Processing
9. Spreadsheets
10. Presentation Software
11. Basic Programming Concepts
12. Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting
13. Cybersecurity Awareness
14. Introduction to Social Media
15. Basic Graphics and Multimedia
16. Introduction to Cloud Computing
17. Resume Building and Job Search
18. Introduction to Online Collaboration Tools
19. Digital Ethics and Responsible Technology Use
20. Final Project

Course Fee – 15,000/-

Module 1: Foundations and Basic Functions
Introduction to Excel
Basic Formulas and Functions
Formatting and Customization
Data Management and Sorting

Module 2: Intermediate Functions and Data Analysis
Advanced Formulas and Functions
Data Visualization with Charts
PivotTables and PivotCharts
Data Analysis Tools

Module 3: Advanced Techniques and Automation
Advanced Data Handling
Advanced Excel Functions
Review and Practice
Practice Assignments
Case Studies and Real-world Scenarios

Course Fee – 10,000/-

Module 1: Basics and Foundations
Introduction to Spoken English
Pronunciation and Phonetics
Vocabulary Building
Basic Grammar
Module 2: Conversational Skills
Listening and Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Social and Everyday Conversations
Advanced Grammar and Usage
Module 3: Fluency and Confidence Building
Public Speaking and Presentations
Debates and Discussions
Professional Communication
Review and Practice

Additional Activities
• Weekly Speaking Clubs
• Language Games and Activities




Comprehensive Assignments


Live Project


Freelancing Guidelines


CV and Portfolio Guidance


100% Job Placement Assistance

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